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Take Your Applications to the Next Level

Simplify application & data lifecycle management
Simplify application & data lifecycle management
Simplify Hadoop management & share data
Simplify Hadoop management & share data
Tackle low consolidation & database/OS sprawl
Tackle low consolidation & database/OS sprawl
Mar 6-9, Booth #811
Mar 6-9, Booth #811
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MongoDB, Cloudera, Redis, Spark, VoltDB, MariaDB, My SQL, PostgreSQL, Kafka, CouchDB, Hortonworks, Elasticsearch, Kibana, Logstasch, Solr, ELK

Virtualize with Bare-Metal Performance & Guaranteed IOPS

Kubernetes? Mesosphere?
Go beyond…

 Boost developer productivity with self-service application provisioning

 Eliminate QA delays with instant environment cloning

 Shorten application development and change cycles 3x-5x

Falling Short…

 Deploy apps, databases, Big Data clusters in minutes

 Instantly snapshot and clone running apps

 Recover lost data quickly using app time-travel

Might not cut it…

 50% better hardware utilization

  40% lower IT ops cost

  50% lower software license & support cost

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Application Virtualization Platform

Robin is the next-generation application virtualization platform that runs applications with bare-metal performance, guaranteed QoS, and application-aware infrastructure management.

Define Once, Deploy in Mins, Guarantee Performance & Manage App Lifecycle


Robin Solutions across the data center

 Cassandra – Simplify Cassandra Management

 Big Data Pipeline – Build Agile & Elastic Infrastructure

 Hadoop – Manage Big Data, enable shared data

 Oracle – Tackle Low Consolidation & OS Sprawl

 Enterprise Applications – Simplify Application Management

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Robin is the next-generation Application Virtualization Platform that runs applications with bare-metal performance, guaranteed QoS, and application-aware infrastructure management. Robin software pools your existing commodity hardware into a scalable, elastic, fluid pool of compute and storage resources that can be dynamically allocated to applications based on business needs or QoS requirements. Robin technology enables you to virtualize databases or Big Data without the hypervisor overhead, consolidate workload with guaranteed IOPS and simplify application as well as data lifecycle management.

Robin’s container-aware software-defined storage is designed from the ground up to support agile sub-second volume creation, 100,000-plus-variable-sized-volumes, and varied file systems and data protection needs of applications running within the containers.

With features such as block storage, guaranteed IOPS, distributed snapshots, cloning, application-to-spindle insight, Robin application-aware storage brings to the table multiple benefits for your data center.

Robin Fabric Controller is unique from the rest in that it caters to all classes of applications, whether they are modern distributed or traditional enterprise applications. It also extends its scope beyond just application orchestration by also scheduling and managing the underlying compute, network, and storage infrastructure components. Thereby being the most comprehensive solution for all your enterprise needs.

Robin Fabric Controller is the brain of the Robin Application Virtualization Platform, and is designed with the goal of simplifying application management by making infrastructure application-aware. With that in mind, Robin Application-Aware Fabric Controller is built by including some great features such as 1-click deployment for all applications, persistent storage volume management, self-service data management, automatic & transparent fault tolerance and application scale up and out.

Wit the flexible convergence model support, Robin Application virtualization platform offers decoupled model as well as the hyperconverged model deployment options.