Robin Cloud Platform (RCP)

For Big Data and Databases, Powered by Containers

Next-generation Robin Systems cloud platform to run applications with Bare-Metal performance, achieve guaranteed QoS, and create an application-aware infrastructure for an efficient, futuristic data center.

Robin Cloud Platform - For Big Data and Databases
Robin Cloud Platform - For Big Data and Databases

Robin Cloud Platform from Robin Systems enables you to do the following for your Applications and Databases across the data center

Define Once

Plan upfront, save on resources, duplication, replication – define all application requirements in one YAML file.

Guarantee Performance

Gain app-to-spindle visibility, set min/max IOPS, achieve simple application upgrade on Robin Cloud Platform.

Deploy in Minutes

Save on time, scale-out or scale-up in minutes – deploy single database or database cluster with a few clicks with.

Manage Lifecycle

Consolidate compute and storage resources, reduce high IT OPS and Software License Costs, move data among dev, test, and prod easily.

The Numbers You Want

for Big Data and Databases lifecycle management – in your data center
Better Hardware Utilization
Lower IT OPEX Cost
Lower Software License Cost
New Cluster Set Up and Running

Robin Systems Solutions Across the Data Center

There are many reasons why Robin Cloud Platform is the best for your data center, but here you can learn about why we’re different and how we can transform your existing data center into an efficient, futuristic application-centric data center.

NoSQL Databases

Simplify Database Management

Big Data

Build Agile & Elastic Infrastructure

Relational Databases

Tackle Low Consolidation & OS Sprawl

Enterprise Applications

Simplify Application Management

Robin Cloud Platform Value

Robin platform software from Robin Systems pools your existing commodity hardware into a scalable, elastic, fluid pool of compute and storage resources that can be dynamically allocated to applications based on business needs or QoS requirements. Robin Systems technology enables you to virtualize databases or Big Data without the hypervisor overhead, consolidate workload with guaranteed IOPS and simplify application as well as data lifecycle management.

Robin Systems container-aware software-defined storage is designed from the ground up to support agile sub-second volume creation, 100,000-plus-variable-sized-volumes, and varied file systems and data protection needs of applications running within the containers.

With features such as block storage, guaranteed IOPS, distributed snapshots, cloning, application-to-spindle insight, Robin Systems application-aware storage brings to the table multiple benefits for your data center.

Robin Fabric Controller is the brain of the Robin Cloud Platform from Robin Systems – the unique component that caters to all classes of applications, whether they are modern distributed or traditional enterprise applications. It also extends its scope beyond just application orchestration by also scheduling and managing the underlying compute, network, and storage infrastructure components. Thereby is the most comprehensive solution for all your enterprise needs.

Robin Systems application-aware Fabric Controller is built by including some great features such as 1-click deployment for all applications, persistent storage volume management, self-service data management, automatic & transparent fault tolerance and application scale up and out.

With the flexible convergence model support, Robin Systems platform offers a decoupled model and the hyperconverged model deployment options.