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Get Robin Community EditionRobin Cloud Platform (RCP) Community Edition (CE) is ideal for small DevOps teams looking to get started with RCP and experimenting with container-based apps. Available for deployment on AWS with up to 5 nodes, Robin CE is ideal for deploying small dev/test distributed apps. Robin CE is optimized to give you a seamless experience and comes with all RCP features enabling cost savings with decoupled compute and storage with guaranteed performance. Deploy Cassandra, MongoDB, Cloudera (Hadoop), Hortonworks (Hadoop), ELK, MySQL, WordPress or bring your own app (Oracle excluded).

Get Robin Enterprise EditionRobin Cloud Platform (RCP) Enterprise Edition (EE) is ideal for enterprises running large data centers that want to redefine their data center architecture, want to leverage container technology, are interested in tearing down proprietary data silos and deploy an environment that enables them to manage applications and data centrally. To help you build this critical foundation, RCP is at the core of today’s leading-edge data center solutions. Thanks to the feature-rich RCP, you can remodel your existing data center architecture that is scalable and elastic and yet cost-effective. Available for deployment on AWS or on-premises with unlimited nodes, deploy any application such as DCassandra, MongoDB, Cloudera (Hadoop), Hortonworks (Hadoop), ELK, MySQL, WordPress, Oracle or bring your own app to run on Robin Cloud Platform (RCP).

About Robin Cloud Platform (RCP) for Big Data and Databases – Robin Cloud Platform (RCP) is a complete out-of-the-box solution for hosting all the applications in an enterprise on a shared platform created out of commodity or cloud components.

Powered by containers and optimized for Big Data and application lifecycle management across the data center,  RCP can be deployed on bare metal, or on virtual machines, allowing organizations to rapidly deploy multiple instances of their data-driven applications on premise or in the cloud without creating additional copies of data.