Industry's First Application-Aware Infrastructure Platform

With thousands of applications running in data centers across the globe, per-server core density is increasing with the lack of application-level consolidation, resulting in low resource utilization.

Data sprawl is on the increase with data copies and unnecessary data duplication, driving up CAPEX and OPEX. DevOps culture is becoming the new normal where Dev wants the freedom to create, deploy and iterate on applications quickly. Operation teams are not equipped to handle this agility.

Robin brings to the table an application-centric approach that simplifies the application lifecycle management across various environments for Big Data applications such as Hadoop and Elasticsearch, for distributed databases such as MongoDB and Cassandra, for Oracle databases, and for enterprise applications.

Robin Product and Solutions - Application-Aware Fabric Controller, Commodity Compute and Storage

Big Data

Robin simplifies deployment as well as ongoing management of Big data applications and enables cluster consolidation on bare-metal for best performance and consolidation density.

SQL & NoSQL Databases 

Robin virtualizes databases without the hypervisor performance penalty. The platform extends DevOps agility to data with application-aware distributed database snapshots and cloning.


Robin helps reduce Oracle licensing and operational costs by consolidating Oracle Databases on commodity hardware, without compromising performance or predictability.

Enterprise Applications 

Robin dramatically accelerates application development and testing by automating day-to-day application lifecycle management and guarantees bare metal performance.