Database Consolidation and Management Challenge

The database is the quintessential data dependency for any application. Databases in production environments tend to be performance sensitive and rely on consistent and predictable performance from their underlying infrastructure. Virtualization, despite its wide adoption and various benefits, has limited penetration in this space due to the hypervisor overhead and its inability to guarantee SLAs. Consequently, these databases are deployed on bare metal servers leading to sprawl, low hardware utilizations, over-provisioning for peak demand, and poor isolation.

All is not wrong with virtualization. Virtualization makes development and test databases agile and portable. Databases in VMs are fast to deploy and clone, have improved consolidation and hardware utilization by sharing infrastructure, are fully isolated, benefit from VM high availability and failover, and are easy to move across data centers and clouds.

So how can we achieve bare-metal-like performance, while retaining benefits of virtualization, all from the same management layer and at a significant cost saving?


Robin Solution for Databases

Robin Containerization Platform brings bare-metal-like performance, retains virtualization benefits, enables significant cost savings—all from the same management layer.

The platform transforms commodity hardware into a compute, storage, and data continuum where multiple applications can be deployed per machine to ensure the best possible hardware utilization.

Robin containerization platform provides 1 click deployment for traditional relational databases such as Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL and for modern ones such as NoSQL, MongoDB and Cassandra. DBAs, DevOps engineers or developers simply choose which database to deploy while Robin completely automates infrastructure and data provisioning, monitoring and tracking of application topology—through its lifecycle, and day 2 operations—with Robin Application-to-Spindle QoS guarantee.

Users interact with Robin entirely at the database level and provision as well as manage the underlying infrastructure transparently.

Robin Solution for Databases using Robin Containerization Platform

Benefits for Your Databases

Database Consolidation Across Physical and Virtual Environments

Database Consolidation across Physical and Virtual Environments - Robin for Databases
  • Achieve 50% Reduction in Hardware footprint
  • Accomplish significant improvement in hardware utilization
  • Realize up to 40% gain in database performance

Containerizing your existing enterprise applications
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Robin’s container-based, application-aware, compute and storage platform liberates databases from servers, VMs, and storage limitations. The Robin software transforms commodity hardware into a compute, storage, and data continuum such that multiple databases can be deployed per machine, ensuring the best possible hardware utilization.

1-click, rapid, self-service deployment of databases

1-click, rapid, self-service deployment of databases - Robin for Databases
  • Get out-of-the-box images for popular relational and NoSQL databases
  • Manage 10x faster deployment of complex and distributed database clusters
  • Scale databases up/down by adding extra resources or scale out/in across additional nodes

Provision Cassandra database
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Robin platform enables users to deploy popular relational and NoSQL databases with a single click, as opposed to the tedious deployment schedules currently required. Users can get out-of-the-box images for all databases and manage ten times faster deployment of complex and distributed database clusters. Robin enables quick scale-up or scale-down by adding or removing extra resources. The platform also enables users to scale in/out across nodes.

Guaranteed Availability and App-to-Spindle Performance

Performance App-to-Spindle QoS Guarantee with Robin Containerization Platform
  • Set QoS policies across compute, network, and storage
  • Achieve complete performance isolation for databases and eliminate noisy neighbor issues
  • Relocate database dynamically to meet SLAs
  • Achieve auto, fast-failover for databases while retaining the same volumes and IP addresses

Cassandra: App-to-Spindle QoS
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Robin’s unique App-to-Spindle Quality-of-Service Guarantee ensures multi-tenant harmony and complete performance isolation for each database. And by leveraging lightweight and portable container-based database packaging technology, Robin enables seamless database mobility across machines to cater to changing workload demands of the application.

Time Travel for Databases

1-click, rapid, self-service deployment of databases - Robin for Databases
  • Take unlimited database snapshots
  • Make rapid clones of production databases—thick, thin, or deferred—with no performance penalties
  • Restore or refresh database to any point-in-time

Cassandra: Snapshots, Time Travel
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Robin provides out of the box support for application time travel. Application snapshots at certain intervals can be really useful to restore back the entire application if anything goes wrong. Robin recommends admins to take snapshots before making any major application changes. If you are applying a database patch or making a configuration change make sure to keep a snapshot. If anything goes wrong the application can be restored to the last known snapshot in a few minutes.