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Maximize. Optimize. Containerize.

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Robin Cloud Platform enables an App-store like user experience that delivers significant operational and infrastructure savings for Big Data, NoSQL and  Relational Database deployments, On-Premise or in the Cloud.

Why Robin Cloud Platform for Big Data and Databases in your data center - Accelerate time to market

Time to Market

Why Robin Cloud Platform for Big Data and Databases in your data center - Simplify Operations


Why Robin Cloud Platform for Big Data and Databases in your data center - Maximize ROI


  • 50% better hardware utilization
  • 40% lower IT ops cost
  • 50% lower software license & support cost

How does Robin compare with Hypervisors?

Robin Cloud Platform Capabilities vs hypervisors - VMware, Nutanix
CapabilityRobinTraditional Virtualization
Bare-metal Performance
Guaranteed I/O QoS
Decoupled compute and storage (independent compute and storage scaling, centralized data management)
Push button Big Data and database cluster provisioning
Elastic Application-to-Spindle Scaling (CPU, Memory, IOPS)
Multi-tier application, database distributed snapshots and cloning
Transparent application portability to Cloud

How does Robin compare with other products?

Robin Cloud Platform Capabilites vs OpenShift, Kubernetes, Red Hat and Mesosphere

Robin vs. Kubernetes, Mesosphere, & Storage Products

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Robin Cloud Platform (RCP) vs. Red Hat OpenShift

White Paper

What does Robin do for your Applications and the underlying Infrastructure?

Leverages Container Technology

Robin leverages container technology to consolidate applications with complete runtime isolation. The container is a lightweight, OS-based virtualization technology that allows the creation of compartmentalized and isolated application environment on top of the standard OS.

Just as a hypervisor abstracts OS from the underlying hardware, containers help abstract applications from OS and everything underneath, leading to simplified application deployment and seamless portability across hardware and operating platforms.

Brings VM-Like Semantics

Robin’s Adaptive Container technology picks the appropriate container configuration depending on the application types. Traditional applications are deployed within “system containers” to provide VM-like semantics and Robin supports the deployment of stateless microservices applications such as Docker containers.

Only Robin Solves Hard Problems

Container technology such as docker and LXC, while designed to ship and run applications, is not sufficient by itself. To support seamless deployment and management of ALL applications (modern distributed or traditional enterprise), you need robust orchestration that integrates both – an application’s components and its underlying infrastructure (compute, network, and storage).

Consolidates your Applications and Infrastructure Resources

When used with bare-metal servers, Robin enables “zero-performance-impact” application consolidation of databases, Hadoop clusters, and other distributed applications such as Elasticsearch, resulting in significant operational efficiency gains and cost reduction.