Reinventing IT infrastructure to put the focus back on what matters most – the applications

Robin’s Application-Defined Data Center software is heralding a new era in data center evolution with Robin vision. Our container-based, application-aware, compute and storage platform liberates applications from servers, VMs, and storage boundaries. The Robin software transforms commodity hardware into a compute, storage, and data continuum such that multiple applications can be deployed per machine to ensure best possible hardware utilization.┬áRobin’s unique App-to-Spindle Quality-of-Service Guarantee┬« is part of the Robin vision and ensures multi-tenant harmony and complete performance isolation for each application.

By leveraging lightweight and portable container-based application packaging technology, Robin enables seamless application mobility across machines and across clouds.

Robin vision makes this the first company to extend the containerization benefits to all classes of enterprise applications, including databases and Big Data clusters, to enable “zero performance loss” consolidation, agile data management, and simplified operations.

Application-Defined Data Center

Robin Vision - The evolution from Hardware Data Center to Software Defined Data Center to Application-Defined Data Center